Fine Minerals at EF Watermelon

 Extraordinary treasures from Mother Nature. 


EMERALD (North American Emerald Mines, North Carolina)

EF Watermelon has been sourcing fine minerals for the collector trade since its inception. In the gallery we showcase an array of the highest quality specimens from around the world to capture the hearts of every type of collector - from cabinet to museum.

North American Emerald Mines

Since 2002, we have been sourcing Emeralds from North Carolina to major museums and collectors as both cabinet specimens and cut gemstones. EF Watermelon has partnered with North American Emerald Mines, to advance extraction operations from its mine located in Hiddenite, North Carolina. This mine is home to the finest emeralds (specimen shown here) to be discovered on U.S. soil. Numerous fine minerals have been recovered from the mine, some of which are in the most prestigious museum collections.

Sample Mineral Collection